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DerbyChildren's Social Care Procedures Manual

8.19 Guidance for the Creation of an Adoption Record for Children Being Considered for Adoption


This is a new chapter, introduced into the manual in December 2012.


Adoption Case Records Procedure

The purpose of this guidance is to provide staff with a clear process for the recording of information to the record of any child being considered for adoption.

  1. If the decision taken at the child's review or the panel meeting is to pursue adoption, the child's Key Worker should notify the Adoption Administrator of the intention to pursue adoption;
  2. A record containing the care details should already exist for children know to the department. By the point that SPA is agreed a separate adoption case recording facility should be implemented;
  3. In order to provide this record in a secure format new levels of security have been built around any adoption information pertaining to that record. The creation of a second record for the child will be identified as, the Adoption Record. It will be created with a minimum of detail information, but must include a Classification of Secure Adoption Record, as this classification will be necessary to facilitate the indexing and scanning to document management;
  4. The commencement of this process forming the secure area of the adoption information will be implemented by the Adoption Administrator. This will trigger the commencement of two operational records:
    1. The Care Record (original record);
    2. The Adoption Record.
  5. The administrator will identify and notify the key worker and manager of the existence of the new Adoption Record and PIN number, also the secure arrangements being applied to the record and the filing convention (see Adoption Case Records, Section 2, Contents, Section 2.1 Children. The document has been provided to assist staff in deciding on the appropriate record on which to direct documents;
  6. The administrator will also create the appropriate access rights for the privileged group given access to the Adoption Record;
  7. It is the responsibility of the child's key worker to ensure that an Adoption Plan has been created and recorded to the Liquid Logic Care Record. This plan, in essence will indicate that the process has begun and an Adoption Record exists for the child;
  8. The Liquid Logic Care Record will display the plan type and the aim of the plan i.e. adoption, however this should not display any detailed information nor should it identify the placement or carer identity;
  9. A detailed Adoption Plan will have been developed to meet statutory requirements. This can be indexed to the secure ESCR document store of the Adoption Record;
  10. Where an adoption event involves a sibling group a separate adoption record must be created for each individual child;
  11. The adoption record will therefore provide the secure element of the child's adoption events. Whilst the care record, will remain in Liquid Logic and will be accessible to anyone with the appropriate authority wishing to view the information;
  12. When using Case Note/Visits in Liquid Logic to record contacts or placement visits etc, workers should ensure that this entry does not display any identifiable placement or carer details. If it is considered necessary to record a detailed Case Notes then the secure adoption record should be used for this purpose as this will ensure confidentiality. This entry can then be accompanied by a brief case note in the care record stating the event date and sign posting to the more secure adoption record;
  13. Basic information pertaining to health, education should continue to be entered to the child's care record;
  14. The key worker will remain responsibility for the closure of the care record at the completion of the adoption process. A file audit should also be carried out in order to ensure documents are appropriately filed to ESCR before closure. This stage of the process should also trigger the completion of the adoption record, which however will retain its confidential status;
  15. Any future concerns received pertaining to the child would trigger a new record, created in the child new adoptive name and this should Not cross reference to the child's original care record nor to the child's original adoption record. The closed care record and the closed adoption record should Not be reopened and this rule applies specifically to placement breakdowns (after the Adoption Order has been granted) or any new referrals situations;
  16. In circumstances where the process is terminated prior to the adoption order being granted i.e. a reversal of the plan to adopt, the security should be removed by the Adoption Administrator from the adoption record and the responsible team admin migrate the information to the open care record. A new plan should be recorded to the Care Record, detailing the background to the decision to reverse the plan. This therefore would contribute to any future audit as to why the decision was taken to reverse the plans. The adoption record should then be removed;
  17. Where a child has been relinquished for adoption the above process should apply, following the parents request for adoption.

See also Adoption Case Records, Section 2, Contents, Section 2.1 Children for further information.