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Derby City Children's Social Care Procedures

1.1.14 Data Subject Rights (including Subject Access Requests)

This guidance was reviewed and updated in March 2020.

Staff working within the council should ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the Data Subjects Rights Requests Procedure (intranet access is required). Should families require any further information on their data protection rights this can be found on the data subjects rights request form and data protection webpage. In the event that individuals require further data protection support and advice they can contact the Information Governance team on 01332 640 763 or

A valid request for information can be made by a child; an assessment to the maturity of the child and the nature of data will need to be carried out. The information governance team and Children's Social Care may need to work together to form this assessment. Reasonable adjustments must be made for applicants who are disabled, verbal requests can suffice where absolutely necessary; in the event of receiving a verbal request you should document it. Compliance with data subject rights requests is essential to Derby City Council's operation as a local authority; each employee must be able to recognise a data protection request. Please see the following links for further information:

Colleagues should promote Council privacy notices at every opportunity; it is a legal requirement for us to promote transparency on how we handle service users' information.