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Derby City Children's Social Care Procedures

8.16 Adoption Tracking Meeting


This chapter outlines the terms of reference for the Adoption Tracking Meeting.


In November 2020, this section was updated to reflect the role of Adoption East Midlands (the regional adoption agency) in the adoption process.

Derby City Council uses a Strengths Based Approach for all work with children and families.


  1. Purpose
  2. Who is Involved?
  3. Practice Checklist for Family Finding

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Adoption Tracking Meeting is:

  • To monitor the progress of identifying an adoptive family for children who have a plan for adoption;
  • To consider the "early alerts" of children who are likely to have adoption as a plan.

2. Who is Involved?

  • Team manager, Children's Permanence Team;
  • Adoption East Midlands home finding team;
  • Minute taker.

3. Practice Checklist for Family Finding

  • Social workers of the children will be emailed prior to the meeting for an update on progress of home finding;
  • Permanence Planning Meetings should take place prior to the case being presented to the Agency Decision Maker for the approval of the plan;
  • 'Early alerts' of children likely to have a plan of adoption will be discussed an a view taken as to the timing of commencing family finding. This may include seeking a Fostering For Adoption placement;
  • The child will be considered at the Adoption Tracking Meeting immediately after the Adoption Panel Agency Decision Maker has approved the plan for adoption;
  • Family finding may begin prior to the agency decision in certain circumstances and subject to legal advice;
  • The child's Adoption Plan will continue to be tracked until a suitable match is identified, or the meeting feels that the plan should be revisited because agreed timescales have not been achieved;
  • The child's journey will continue to be tracked through to the making of the Adoption order to ensure that children's plans are timely;
  • The minute taker will update the tracker each month and Adoption East Midlands home finders will also record on their own tracker.